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We understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with signing up to play football. We also recognize the disappointment that can arise when players find themselves placed on a waitlist. Read below to learn more about waitlisting and what you can do to help ensure your player can play.

Waitlisting is a temporary function of holding players back until we have enough additional players and coaches to field additional team(s) for the respective age level. If and when an age level is waitlisted,  players should continue to register until we secure enough players and coaches to add a team. If you are registering for a waitlisted age group, strongly consider coaching.

Increase the likelihood of your player moving off waitlist by being a head coach: LINK HERE

What is “waitlisting?”
Waitlisting occurs when we have more players register that exceeds the available spots on our teams, and is a proactive step to manage expectations. It means new registrations for a given age group have been placed in a holding pattern as current capacity has been reached. It's our way of ensuring that every child who wants to play has the opportunity to do so, while also maintaining safe and manageable team sizes. 
Players are moved from waitlist to active status when (a) there are enough players to form another team and (b) more head coaches for the respective age levels have been identified. We will notify waitlisted players if they are not activated and will not be able to play.
What can I do to move my player off the waitlist?
One of the most powerful tools in improving the likelihood of a player being moved from the waitlist to active status is being a head coach. A dedicated and skilled coach can make all the difference, for your player and the entire team. Visit our coaches webpage to learn more about being a head coach:
Should I register if my player’s grade level is already waitlisted?
Yes, we encourage players to continue to register. Once we have reached enough players for a waitlisted grade (and coaches to support those players) then we will move players from waitlisted to active status and we will notify you.
If my player is waitlisted, do I pay now?
No, payment will only be taken if and when a player is moved from waitlist to active. Once activated, full payment will be due.
Is there a chance my player will NOT play if they are waitlisted?
Yes, but we will do all we can to actively field all registrants once quality head coaches are identified for the respective age level.
When will I know if my waitlisted player will play?
We will notify waitlisted players if they will be moved to active status on or around June 1st 2024, so that players have the opportunity to register for other fall activities. Our priority above all else is to provide the best experience possible for all players now and into the future.
If only a few players are moved off of waitlist and others cannot be activated, how is that determined?
We will take as many waitlisted players as possible while still preserving a great football experience. Also, there is a limitation on team sizes per the BFGYFL.  Players will be activated off the waitlist based on several factors including the order in which players registered (i.e., those who registered earlier v later), position needs at the age level, experience, and more. The decision on which players are activated is based on a combination of coach and board member input.