What does "waitlisting" mean?
"Waitlisting" is a proactive step to manage expectations. It means new registrations for a given age group have been placed in a holding pattern as current capacity has been reached.

Players are moved from waitlist to active status when (a) there are enough players to form a team and (b) coaching staff for that team are identified. If you are registering a waitlisted player, seriously consider indicating you can head coach on the registration form and we will follow-up with you.

The priority above all else is to provide the best experience possible for all players now and into the future.

Should I register if my player’s grade level is already waitlisted?
Yes, we encourage players to continue to register. Once we have reached enough players for a waitlisted grade (and coaches to support those players) then we will move players from waitlisted to active status and will notify you.
I have a returning player from last year but haven't registered yet - should I register?
If I register my kids grade while the team is waitlisted, do I pay now?
No, payment will be taken if and when a player is moved from waitlist to active.
I already registered and now their grade is waitlisted - what should I do now?
No action needed (but please secure your equipment).
Is there a chance my player will NOT play if they are waitlisted?
Yes, but we will do all we can to make it happen.
When will I know if my wait listed player will play?
We don't have an exact date as there are several factors (coaching, number of players interested in playing) affecting waitlisting decisions. We will have more information to share over the coming months.
When will I know if my waitlisted player will play?
Simply put the situation is fluid and we don’t have an exact date but will let you know as soon as possible. Our ability to provide a timeline is based on incoming registrations. Our forecast as of now is that 6th-8th grades will be waitlisted if they haven't been already.
What can I do to help the wait listing situation?
Wait listing is a result of demand exceeding capacity. Much of our capacity is based on our ability to field a full coaching staff per team, with one head coach and a minimum of two assistant coaches. Many have offered to be assistant coaches, so the more urgent need is for a head coach at all grade levels to support more teams.