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Wideout Training

Unlock Your Potential with Wideout Training!

Exciting news for all aspiring wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs aged 8-14! We are excited to offer a Wideout Training Program, designed to elevate your game. Whether it’s mastering route running, enhancing ball handling, or boosting your agility and burst, the team at Major Sports Performance offers tailored drills on both the main floor and turf will develop your essential skills.

Read more below for program details and how to get the Saints discount!

Sessions are open and available to book now! Wideout Training on Mon/Wed at 5pm and Sat at 1pm. Must book prior to attending sessions. Book your sessions at the website below, and enter the discount code (provided below):

Training Program Details

  • Training covers wideout fundamentals and techniques
  • Ages: 8-14
  • Available times: Mon/Wed at 5pm and Sat at 1pm
  • 60 minute sessions
  • What to bring: Gym shoes AND cleats required as both the main floor and turf fields will be used. No helmets or shoulder pads.

Program Discount

MSP offers registered Saints players a discount on their wideout training services. When booking use code Saints2024 to get the discount. FYI, MSP may ask us to verify those using the discount code  are in fact registered Saints player.s.

-$40 per session Saints pricing
-$480 per package Saints pricing (12 sessions)

Receiving position details

Training covers wideout fundamentals and technique.
Wide Receivers

Route Running: Emphasis on running precise routes and creating separation from defenders. Catching and Ball Skills: Improving hand-eye coordination, concentration, and catching technique. Speed and Agility: Enhancing acceleration, change of direction, and overall agility.

Running Backs

Ball Handling and Ball Security: Practicing proper ball handling techniques and securing the ball during runs. Vision and Decision Making: Developing the ability to read blocks, find running lanes, and make quick decisions. Agility and Burst: Improving agility, change of direction, and explosive burst. 

Tight Ends

Blocking Technique: Learning various blocking techniques, including drive blocking and pass protection. Route Running and Receiving: Developing precise route running skills and becoming reliable targets in the passing game. Combination Skills: Mastering the combination of blocking and receiving skills required for the position. These skills and drills are tailored to the specific needs and responsibilities of wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends. By focusing on the essential techniques and abilities, players can enhance their performance and contribute effectively to their teams at different levels of play.


Jordan Westerkamp -


Major Sports Performance
929 W Liberty Dr
Wheaton, IL 

The offseason is a golden opportunity for young athletes to refine their skills, gain a competitive edge, and step into the next season with confidence. We’re excited to announce more offseason training opportunities for our football players, at a discounted rate!

Specialized wide receiver training programs are designed to cater to the unique developmental needs of players from ages 8 to 14. Here’s how the program can benefit your young athlete at each stage of their growth:

Ages 8-9: Foundation Building

At this formative age, the focus is on introducing the basics of being a wide receiver. Training includes:

  • Learning the correct stance and start, basic route running.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Simple catching drills to improve coordination and confidence in handling the football.
  • Motor Skills Development: Exercises to enhance agility and balance, crucial for early athletic development.
Ages 10-11: Skill Enhancement

As players begin to understand the basics, training shifts towards enhancing their skill set.

  • Route Running Precision: Introduction to different routes, focusing on the execution of each with proper cuts and speeds.
  • Catching Techniques: Emphasis on catching the ball with hands away from the body and securing catches while in motion.
  • Speed and Agility: Drills to improve quickness off the line and agility for evading defenders.
Age 12: Advanced Development

At 12, players are ready to start refining their skills for competitive play.

  • Advanced Route Running: Learning how to read defenses and adjust routes accordingly.
  • Catching in Traffic: Drills that simulate game situations where players must secure the ball in crowded spaces.
  • Increased Focus on Agility and Speed: Tailored drills to enhance change of direction speed and overall athleticism.
Ages 13-14: Preparing for Higher Levels

As players approach high school, the training intensifies to prepare them for higher levels of competition.

  • Complex Play Execution: Incorporating more complex plays and routes into the training regimen.
  • Physical Conditioning: Focus on building strength and endurance to handle the physical demands of the game.
  • Mental Preparedness: Teaching players how to maintain focus during games and understand more intricate aspects of the wide receiver role.

Specialized wideout training tailored to the age and skill level of the player is key to developing a well-rounded, confident, and competitive athlete. Our offseason wide receiver training provides young players with the tools they need to excel on the field and grow in their roles. Sign up now to give your player the advantage!

Meet the Owner

Jordan Westerkamp is a former professional football player, ISSA-CPT/CSCS and Wideout Coach who serves as the Director of Sports Performance at Major Sports Performance. Along with his certifications, his extensive background in training at an elite level serves our athletes well. He has been a great motivator and role model for our young athletes. Jordan attended Montini Catholic High School in Lombard, Illinois and played his collegiate career at the University of Nebraska. He served as the team captain in both his junior and senior seasons. He had multiple all Big Ten honors including 1st team All-Big Ten 2015. He went on to play in several professional leagues including the NFL, CFL, and XFL.