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Volunteer Opportunities

Supporting a nonprofit youth football organization involves various volunteer roles, each vital to the smooth operation and success of the program. Below are some key volunteer roles that serve in various Naperville Saints Board committees:

  1. Coach: Responsible for training the players, developing game strategies, and fostering teamwork and sportsmanship.

  2. Assistant Coach: Aids the head coach in training sessions, provides individual guidance to players, and steps in during the head coach's absence.

  3. Team Manager: Handles administrative tasks like scheduling games and practices, communicating with parents and players, and coordinating travel arrangements.

  4. Gameday: Sign-up for to help your team run the game scoreboard, work on the chain gang, assist in field setup and teardown.

  5. Equipment Manager: Ensures that all necessary equipment (balls, cones, uniforms, etc.) is available, well-maintained, and properly stored.

  6. Marketing Volunteer: Manages the organization's presence on social media, updates the community and media about events and results, and creates newsletters or other communication materials.

  7. Event Coordinator: Plans and executes events such as tournaments, award ceremonies, and team-building activities.

  8. Parent Liaison: Team Moms act as a bridge between the team management and the parents, addressing concerns, gathering feedback, and helping to mobilize parent support for various activities.

Each role plays a crucial part in nurturing the growth and development of young athletes, promoting a positive and enriching football experience.

Interested in volunteering for the above, or other role? Please email us!