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Parent Testimonials

The Naperville Saints work hard to ensure that all players have a great youth football experience. The work is never done as there are always areas to improve and we welcome parent feedback. We also celebrate the wins, which for organization doesn't mean points as much as it does voices from player parents. Read below to hear what our parents have to say about the program, per age group.

8U & 9U Player Parents

“Coaches were amazing & the team was such a nice group of boys. Was a fun experience for our little guy.”
Sandy (2023)
“As a first-year player for the 9U team, our son, had a tremendous experience with this organization. The coaches emphasized the fundamentals for ALL players, practices were organized, and the team was well prepared for every game. More importantly, our son created new friendships! The team culture was one of the best we've come across in the club scene.”
Jared W. (2023)
“Our son was new to football this year. The Saints coaching and camaraderie of the boys absolutely lit him up. He embraced being a striper and loved playing both offensive and defensive line. Coach Bern and Oscroba were top notch. They both focused on the boys development as players and passion for the game.”
Mike L. (2023)
“8U Pena team bonded great and had a blast. The kids progressed so much in just 3 months of practices and games it was amazing to see.”
Peter B. (2023)
“As a first-time football player coming in as a 9 year old my son had a blast! The coaches were amazing in teaching the game and making sure everyone had fun in the process. My son was ready for next season after his last game this season! Great friends were made as well as the love of a new sport! Thank you Saints!”
Liza P. (2023)
“As a new Saints family we were appropriately overwhelmed with all tackle football had to offer. We were so appreciative of the way the Saints organization, our coaches, and our team mom helped bring us into this wonderful world of football. Thank you for everything.”
Joanna M. (2023)
“Having never played organized football as a kid myself, being part of the Saints quickly showed me what I missed. There is a community and family spirit that is really special to be a part of. My boy loved the season even when it was hard. Looking forward to next year already.”
Aaron L. (2022)
“This has been a phenomenal first year experience for our 9 year old son with Saints Football. The coaches, the team, the families - all made this so enjoyable and fun! Can’t wait for next year. Awesome experience! Great families, kids and coaches!”
Julie W. (2022)
“Awesome experience! Great families, kids and coaches!”
Rich R. (2022)
“This was our first year with the Saints and my boys both really enjoyed it. They fell in love with the sport and plan to play for a long time. We loved the relationships our kids made with other kids and we made with other parents.”
Jena M. (2022)
“Great league, the boys and their parents had so much fun!”
Melissa K. (2022)
“It was our son’s first year in 2022 playing tackle football. The coaches were willing to teach and be patient with the kids and communication was excellent via the TeamSnap app. Parents of children participating previously were very welcoming. Son learned quite a bit and loved the experience and team environment/mentality.”
Kurt K. (2022)

10U Player Parents

“This was my son's first year playing tackle football. He loved every minute of the practices, games, and times together. The coaches were tough, fair, and incredibly motivating. My son cannot wait to start back up again next summer :)”
Jackie H. (2023)
“The 10U Gold 2 coaching staff were not only knowledgeable and enthusiastic, but they provided an environment that made not only the players, but the parents and siblings feel like a part of this team. They all clearly have a passion for the sport of football and that passion transferred directly to their players. The team as a whole improved SO MUCH from their first practice to their last game. When I saw my son crying after their Super Bowl loss it broke my heart, until he quickly explained that he didn’t care that they lost, he was just sad the season was over. Thank you to his coaches for instilling in my son that kind of love for the game.”
Jill S. (2023)
“My son had a fantastic experience playing for the Saints! One could not have asked for a better group of coaches. Each coach was dedicated to growing the boy's passion for the sport and teaching the game the right way. I would absolutely recommend the Saints program to anyone interested in tackle football.”
Paul H. (2023)
“The Saints has been a great experience for my son and my family! Football has motivated my son to be disciplined in everything he does. The coaches teach the game how to be played the right way the safe way! I have to say thank you to the coaches for taking the time and effort for making the difference!”
Rich R. (2023)
“This has been the very best sports program in which my son has ever been involved.”
Jackie H. (2023)
“My son had a wonderful experience with great coaching and amount of playing time. The coaches were approachable and great communicators.”
Sharon V. (2023)
“Very well-run organization and coaches and parents all seem to be inclusive and looking out for the best in the kids.”
Kurt K. (2023)
“It's a wonderful program and we're lucky to have been a part of it!”
Ernesta G. (2023)
“The Saints community is amazing, inclusive, and wonderful to be a part of. The coaches are dedicated, and the leadership is wonderful.”
Jennifer G. (2023)
“Naperville Saints is the premier tackle football program in the western suburbs! The coaches take great pride in teaching the safest techniques to ensure the players are having fun while properly learning a dynamic team sport. I have no doubt that the lessons learned by the Saints players will help these young men on and off the football field for many years to follow.”
Nick N. (2022)
“We had an amazing first season and experience! Thank you!”
Becki R. (2022)
“My son had a wonderful experience in his rookie season on the 10U Saints and is looking forward to playing each season all the way up to high school! As parents, the organization went way above our expectations. Everything was professionally put together and we felt our son and his teammates were safe in all practices and games.”
Michael M. (2022)
“Naperville Saints was a great experience! Best asset is the coaches. Absolutely first class. They gave my son an amazing experience. He loves football because of them. Couldn’t be happier he is playing for the Saints!”
Brad D. (2022)

11U Player Parents

“Amazing season from day 1 of practice to the Super Bowl. The Saints focus on community and ensuring kids are at the right level for each kid to succeed. Outstanding facilities with home games at North and Central make every game feel important. And most importantly, amazing dedicated coaches that truly care about each kid. Can’t wait for next year!”
Bob G. (2023)
“11U Black team had the most incredible coaching team who really cared for each player and also challenges and encouraged them to push harder. We made it to the SuperBowl this year!!!! Such a phenomenal 1st year experience!!”
Amy N. (2023)
“The Naperville Saints provide extraordinary opportunities for growth and learning for young athletes. This is the premiere youth football organization in the Chicago suburbs.”
Michael T. (2023)
“The camaraderie and community that the Naperville Saints continues to build year over year is astounding! The organization truly supports teaching Football and valuable life lessons to these boys. The community of volunteer parents and family members that have stepped up to assist practices, games, and team building is fantastic. Observing and being a part of an organization that brings everyone in the community together is one of the coolest experiences a child and parent can have! If you haven’t checked out what the Naperville Saints is about, it’s time you do so!”
Nick N. (2023)
“Our coaching staff was incredible!!!! We made it to the SuperBowl and had the best 1st year experience!! We can’t wait for next year!”
Amy N. (2023)
“We couldn’t have had better coaches or teammates. What an amazing job they did. Amazing season and experience for my son.”
Heather G. (2023)
“We have 2 boys that have played multiple sports, but this was the first year our 6th and 8th graders participated in tackle football. Our only regret is that we didn't start sooner! From the start of the Saints summer camps to the very end of the Super Bowl games, we have been so impressed with how well run the Naperville Saints as an organization is.
Our initial concerns about safety are what kept us from considering tackle football, but after our experience this year, we realize how well the boys were coached and taught to play the right way, in a manner that had their safety as the highest priority. Seeing the teams come together and play as a unit on that field is a thrill like no other!
We are grateful to our coaches, the families, and the Saints board for such a wonderful neighborhood football program that gives these kids an experience that they will hold on to forever. We'll be recommending Naperville Saints to anyone who will listen! Thank you for an amazing season for both our boys!”
Jane R. (2022)
“We had an incredible experience! Thank you to everyone involved in The Saints organization.”
Katheryn D. (2022)
“Coaches were great and taught more than just football. Lessons about life and being good young men."
Brett M. (2022)
"We truly appreciate all of the time and effort the coaches put forth to ensure our kids have a fun and safe season!”
Candice A. (2022)
“Thanks for a great first season!”
Julie S. (2022)
“Coaches did a great job. The amount of time and effort that they put into it was impressive (and much appreciated)!”
Shane M. (2022)
“This has been a great way for my son to learn about the importance of hard work, team commitment and preparation for high school athletics. The overall experience was well structured, safe and all I had hoped for.”
Jason S. (2022)
“We were extremely impressed with the experience we had this year with the Saints. My son learned so much about the game and had a blast playing!”
Sarah S. (2022)
“This was truly an outstanding experience for our son and for us as parents. Coaching was great, parents were by and large wonderful, and it may have been the most organized youth sport experience we've ever had!”
A. (2022)
“Awesome program. Focused on playing football the right way. Great league! Go Saints!"
Brian P. (2022)
“As a second-year family with the Naperville Saints, we have truly enjoyed the great experience and support provided by all of the staff and volunteers. It is a first-class organization from top to bottom.”
Mike H. (2022)

Junior Varsity (12 year old) player parents

“Loved our coaches, loved the team, and these boys are so lucky to play on the high school fields.”
Sandy (2023)
“With the success and expansion of the Saints program over the last few years, our son has had the opportunity to build confidence and better learn the game of football with similarly skilled players.”
Fred H. (2023)
“This was our first year with the program and Coach Brock was awesome and always encouraged the boys to be the best they can be. His end of game talks were great and really motivated the team. Tyler learned so much about the game and really loved playing. He’ll definitely be back next season!”
Melissa I. (2023)
“We are grateful to be part of the Saints program. The coaches dedicate a lot of time giving these kids the best football experience & teaching them a ton. We love our coaches & lucky to be on a team with a great group of boys. It’s an added bonus that these boys get the opportunity to play on their high school fields, so cool for them!”
Sandy (2023)
“A phenomenal youth football program -- great coaches, volunteers, parents, and kids.”
Josh B. (2023)
“Coaches put so much into this. We were very thankful for their hard work and dedication. I’ve coached many times before (soccer, teeball, basketball) but the amount of effort from these coaches definitely eclipses what we generally do for the other sports. Much appreciated.”
Shane M. (2023)
“We could not have asked for a better first year experience for [player name redacted]. Top notch organization. Brennan came in with no experience and little knowledge of the game as a player and he had so much growth as a player and teammate. Fantastic coaching from the entire JV Silver Black coaching staff! Thank you Saints!”
Debbie Z. (2023)
"Becoming a part of the Naperville Saints this year was everything my son had hoped for! We were hesitant to sign up for tackle football, but after many conversations with current Saints families, we decided to give it a try. We couldn't be happier with our decision! We were so impressed by the entire Saints organization, and our son had the most incredible year. We are all looking forward to next year!”
Tricia F. (2022)
"Amazing Experience, Go Saints!"
Alvaro S. (2022)
"Our son was a first-year 7th grade level player. Saints coaching and leadership provided the perfect environment to learn the game, compete SAFELY at the right level and have fun with friends across Naperville community."
Sean I. (2022)
"This was the 2nd year for my son Jack playing Saints and I continue to be so impressed with the organization. He has fallen in love with football but more than that has learned how to be a good teammate, how to practice hard and learn the game, how to listen to coaches and how to be a good sportsman - win or lose. He'll be back next season and our youngest son (currently in 4th grade) will be playing his first Saints season next year. I recommend Saints all the time to parents considering tackle football. It is a wonderful community and has made a hugely positive impact on our family."
Nick L. (2022)
"This has been an incredible journey for our family. Our coaching staff was exceptional and of high caliber. Their dedication prepared and developed each player to the best potential. The organization is well run and organized with a vision to prepare respectable athletes for high school."
Bina T. (2022)
"This was my sons first year of playing tackle football. He had an amazing experience and Coach Moore and his team were outstanding! Jack will for sure play again next year as he enjoyed all aspects of the Naperville Saints program."
Brian C. (2022)
"Coaches Ethan and Steve did a phenomenal job with our team. They were so well-coached, always tried to get everyone involved while still teaching and coaching the game. What a great experience!"
Amy R. (2022)
"We were very fortunate to have such great coaches. It's really great to see the progress on how much the boys have developed and used what they learned in practices into actual games. It's truly remarkable how the coaches were able to teach and develop a team with 19 out of 21 kids that have never played tackle football into an undefeated team and winning the Superbowl Championship. Many thanks to our awesome coaches for teaching the boys."
Shine L. (2022)
"Coaches were great. Super experience for the boys."
John L. (2022)
"Our son had an amazing experience for his first year playing tackle football. The Saints organization and the coaching staff did a great job teaching the fundamentals of football to a new eager player."
Bill E. (2022)
"My son has played football for years and this was by far the best season for him. Coach Ryba and the other coaches were excellent and truly cared about my sons’ progress and love for the game. They were disciplined and encouraging, helping the parents get to know each other was a huge plus as well because we all felt more connected to the entire team and the boys. Highly recommend!!!"
Jen K. (2022)
"Football program was excellent and great dedicated coaches!"
Lindsay K. (2022)
"My son loved it! Our coach was amazing!"
Alyson E. (2022)
"Keep up the great work, awesome football organization."
Bruce V. (2022)
"This was our first year with the Saints and we couldn't have been happier. We really appreciated the great coaching, the overall reinforcement of good sportsmanship and attitude and the safety standards and protocols that enabled our son to have a great first season of tackle football. The Saints organization as a whole was wonderful to deal with start to finish with communication, organization and a welcoming spirit."
Susan R. (2022)

Varsity (13-14 year old) player parents

“Our coaches, players and families were a class act! As a first time football family - our experience across the board was outstanding! My son grew as a player and lifelong friendships were made. These boys and my sons experience he will never forget.”
Tina S. (2023)
“Naperville Saints has been the most amazing experience. Everything has been a one family mentality throughout the program. Our coaches provided our kids leadership, unselfish sportsmanship and inner confidence.”
Bina T. (2023)
“We have been so lucky to be in a great team with great coaches in the first time trying football. Now football has become our favorite sport.“
Min Z. (2023)
“An incredible 2 year experience for our son. He has formed great bonds, had a blast, developed character, skill and a passion for the sport. We are grateful for the model coaches and the Saints community.”
John L. (2023)
“The Gold 2 Naperville Saints - White team in 2023 had the most amazing coaching staff. Coaches Moore, Tryon, Torres, (et al) made the experience great for all of the kids. They taught, the kids learned, and they got to see what happens when you prepare and practice the right way. The camaraderie built within the team will probably be the most rewarding part in the long run.”
Robert R. (2023)
The Saints organization is a excellent foundational building tool for an athlete looking to play football at the high school level and beyond. The competition is well measured, the coaching is experienced and on-point and the kids truly enjoy being a Saint. There is a lot of pride these kids have and it's due to the excellence of the coaching and "team" environment.
Jessica G. (2023)
“Naperville Saints has provided our son with an environment to learn and grow with the game of football and is where he developed a passion for the game. He was able to meet friends that he will remember for the rest of his life.”
John Z. (2022)
“This was our first year playing with the Naperville Saints. Couldn’t have asked for a better season. Varsity Silver Champions!!! Go Saints!”
Liz K. (2022)
“Our son played for this program (Raphael/Huskies, Saints etc..) since he was in 1st grade. He played 8 full years and had the best coaching. Beyond thankful for the coaching and preparation for high school. He also has a special bond with his coach, Mike McGrath, which is part of the reason he was so successful. Coaches like Mike are what make programs like this a success! We are forever grateful to him.”
Michelle F. (2022)
“From the start with the camps and evaluation days, we were so impressed at how well everything was run! Thank you! Our only regret for our 8th grade son was that we didn't start him earlier. This was his first and last experience with the Saints. We will definitely be encouraging others to start early as it was too short of an experience for him.”
Jane R. (2022)
"My son had so much fun and made some really good friends! He loved it!!”
Brooke H. (2022)
“We have been part of the youth football program since 1st grade and Naperville Saints since they formed a new program. It has been truly outstanding from camps, practices, coaching to communication and overall experience. I would highly recommend it to other young families.
Naperville Saints is an excellent youth football program that teaches the proper fundamentals of football and advanced techniques combined with excellent coaching. The flexibility of different team levels of the program allows a kid to gain the right experience and the right skill level each year. It really has a family feel with a community connection with our families supporting program.”
Jim M. (2022)
“We enjoyed our experience so much that my younger son will begin in the fall! Coach Bern and his team were exceptional and very professional keeping a level head with the players, but expecting excellence!! Thank you for an amazing year!”
Amy N. (2022)
“We had an amazing first year playing!”
Christa B. (2022)