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Youth Football Safety

Safety First

The Naperville Saints and the Bill George Youth Football League operate with player safety as the utmost priority.  Football is a contact sport so there is potential for injury, as with any sport. The Naperville Saints and BGYFL promote safer play with the following and more:

  1. Equipment requirements
  2. Coaching: Naperville Saints coaches complete Youth Certification from USA Football annually. Coaches also focus on teaching players how to take the head out of the game. Heads up and away from impact and more.
  3.  Player conditioning
  4. League rules governing safer play (e.g. striper rules, no tinting on helmet visors)
  5. Proper-fitting, certified equipment

Hear a Naperville Saints mom with two players in the program give her perspective on safety. Click on the image and go to 2:17 into the video.

Parent Testimonials on Safety in the naperville saints program

Safety Resources

Note that the above materials are information only and not intended to be medical advice. Please consult with your medical professional.