As the season progresses, invariably there will be times of inclement weather which will impact practices and games. Read below for guidance and what to do:

  1. If inclement weather is present or forecasted, practices and games may be cancelled, or schedules altered.
  2. Generally assume that practices will proceed as planned unless you hear otherwise.
  3. YOUR COACH WILL NOTIFY YOU if practices or games are cancelled, so stay close to your email and/or team communication apps for updates.
  4. We will post on social channels if all teams' practices are cancelled - so please follow our Facebook page
  5. PLAYER SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT: Practices/games will be cancelled if Park District thunder sirens are activated at the respective location.
  6. Please stay close to practice fields when there is bad weather. In the event of cancellation we don't want kids at practice and unable to reach you to be picked-up.