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Youth Football Equipment

Please see information below about optional and required equipment for games and practices. Returning players can typically re-use equipment for several years depending on age and condition. Players are responsible for their own equipment.

Football Sizes

Wilson TDY - Varsity, JV
Wilson TDJ - 11U, 10U
Wilson K2 - 9U, 8U

Equipment Exchange Group

Need equipment? Have equipment to sell? Connect with other parents in this group.

Football Helmets

Need a Football Helmet?

If you need a helmet, we urge you to get one now - see "Procuring a Helmet" below. If you wait you may not be able to get a helmet, and without a helmet your player cannot practice or play in games. If you find a retailer does not have helmets available we have provided some used options below.

Already Have a Football Helmet for 2022?

If you have a helmet today and plan on re-using it for 2022, no need to purchase a new one.  We do urge your player to try it on now to ensure a proper fit. If you need a replacement helmet, read below.

Don’t Need your Existing Helmet(s)?

If your son played before and is not playing this year, please consider donating it to a Saints player who may need it. If you don’t know a family to donate your helmet to, we are happy to accept it as a donation and store it for potential use by Saints players who may need them. Please see below for information on helmet donation.

Helmet Requirements

  • Helmet color: White
  • Helmet brand: Typical brands purchased by Saints players are Riddell, Schutt, or Xenith
  • Helmet size: Please follow the size chart for the respective helmet brand. Here's a good guide for helmet measurements, linked here.
  • Players only need one helmet which will be used for both practices and games

Getting a Helmet

Option 1: Buy New

If you need a helmet the first and suggested option is to purchase a new one from a major retailer. Our players wear a variety of helmet brands, we generally recommend Riddell. For a limited time we do have a direct-purchaes option with Riddell, read above.

Option 2: Buy New or Used

If you’re unable to purchase a new helmet there are some used options, listed below:

  1. Play it Again Sports, link HERE
  2. Facebook Marketplace (search “football helmets”) - you may be able to find new helmets on Marketplace as well, if available.
  3. SidelineSwap, link HERE

If available please see if the used helmet has been recertified by NOCSAE.

Option 3: Use a Donated helmet

This is the last resort but we will try to pair you with a donated helmet from another Saint family. Please email us for availability or reach-out to Saints players you may know is not playing in 2022, typically those players who have aged-out of the program.

Equipment Exchange Group

Need equipment? Have equipment to sell? Connect with other parents in this group.