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Official Partner: Acceleration Sports Performance

Exclusive program for naperville saints players!

We are excited to announce that Acceleration Sports Performance is the official training partner for the Naperville Saints. The Acceleration team has been a part of the Saints community for years, offering training for our athletes and coaches, participating in our Players Camps, and being a valuable resource to our football community.

The Deal

As a result of the partnership, Acceleration is offering discounted rates on their training programs for our players. Their 25 session package is available to Naperville Saints for $625 - a $270 discount!

Training days time slots:
  • Monday-Thursday, 4-8pm
  • Friday 4-7pm
  • Saturday 9am-12pm

Summer/Winter break hours include 9am-12pm Mon-Fri.

Contact Ryan at to get started and to unlock the discount for your Naperville Saints player!

NOTE: The partnership program and respective pricing are only available to currently registered Naperville Saints players. By participating in the program you provide consent to allow the Naperville Saints and the Acceleration team to share information to validate the current status of the respective Saints player.


1740 Quincy Avenue
Naperville, IL  60540


Naperville Saints players

Flexible Semi-Private Training (Register Now!)

Flexible Semi-Private Training w/ Saints Discount: Athletes can select sessions M-Th 4-8pm, Fr 4-7pm, and Saturday 9am-12pm. Summer/Winter break hours include 9am-12pm M-Fr as well. 25 pack for $625 (a $270 discount).
Contact Ryan at to get started and to unlock the discount for your Naperville Saints player!

The Acceleration System

The Acceleration System uses the latest researched-backed patent protocols and proprietary equipment to produce the highest level of guaranteed results!

This intense scientific training program enhances athleticism for athletes of all ages and sports by focusing on speed, agility, running mechanics and overall strength. The Acceleration system has trained over 100 professional athletes and over 900 Division I college athletes.

Group/Team Training (Summer)

Team Training: $200/hour for team training. Groups of 30 athletes or less.
As we get closer to the season, coaches can select times that are most convenient to them by age level. The group training even over the summer can allow us to train more specifically in the demands of the sport and include more football specific movements and drills. The earlier in the off season the more it should be focused on learning movement efficiency and neuromuscular development.

Meet the owner: J.R. Niklos

Training Background: J.R. has multiple sports performance related certifications, including ACE, USA Track & Field, and Athletic Republic’s Exercise Science certification. He is also a member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association. J.R. has been training athletes for the past 8 years, and has studied extensively with Westside Barbell’s “conjugate training”, Russian block periodization, and USA Track & Field. J.R. started training with Acceleration at the end of his 8th grade and continued with the Acceleration program for 15 years until he eventually became the Director of Acceleration Naperville.

Read more about J.R., including his football experience: LINK HERE

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Meet the Acceleration team